August 16, 2016

Speaking Engagement

I love public speaking and embrace any and all speaking engagement opportunity. Conferences offer the perfect setting to share ideas and learn from peers. Focusing on people with similar interests and connecting with like minded people does not just widen the audience’s horizon, but it allows the presenter (in this case me) to embrace new ideas and challenges at the same time. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming conferences, until then, please enjoy the recordings listed below.

Speaking Engagement with Ideas

2018  Speaking Engagements: 

Past Speaking Engagements:

  • LavaCon in October 2015 – “Online Customer Service Marketing, A Content Strategy Love Affair”  Watch/ Listen         View Slides
  • Gilbane Conference in November 2016 – “Content Potluck: Bring Everyone to the Community Table”  Watch/ Listen         View Slides
  • The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit in December 2016-” Extended Version: Content Potluck: Bring Everyone to the Community Table”  Watch/ Listen         View Slides
  • Pubcon SFIMA February 22, 2017 – “Social Media vs. Community Management, Hiring for the right position” Watch/Listen   View Slides
  • CXFS Boston – July 17-19, 2017 – “Digital Transformation in the Finance Industry” round table
  • SDX– July 22, 2017 – Workshop: Demystify ROI calculations for your Support Community  View Slides       Workbook
  • SDX– July 22, 2017 – Workshop: Augment your corporate content for a better Customer Experience View Slides       Workbook
  • CIDM Best Practices – September 11-13, 2017 – Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges of a cross functional, shared services model for digital experiences Watch/Listen
  • Clearvoice webinar – Sept 28, 2017 11am PT – Breaking Through Content Silos: Aligning Your Content Across Departments Watch/Listen  View Slides
  • LavaCon – November 6, 2017 -Knowledge Freedom: Break Down the Silos! View Slides

Past Publications:

  • Content Marketing Conference 18 Speaker Q&A Read
  • CMX Hub Ask Me Anything: How to use Gamification to Fuel Community Engagement.  Read
  • The Content Wrangler Blog: Content Potluck: Bringing Everyone to the Community Table  Read
  • CMX Hub: What should a Community Manager be Paid. Salary, Benefits, Bonuses & More Read
  • The Content Wrangler Blog: Diversifying Content Strategy to Improve Customer Engagement Read
  • CMX Hub: “How Much Money Do Community Professionals Make?”: Europe Edition Read
  • CMX Hub: “6 Common Characteristics of Servant Leadership in Communities” Read
  • SleeplessinSocialMedia: #ExcelInCommunities Read


If you want me to present at your conference or to your team, please email You can also connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn for your convenience.