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Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?

In a previous blog I shared a little about the basics of influencer marketing. If you do a quick google search for influencer marketing, you will find lots of examples. Some, where a brand got into a lot of trouble because of the influencer they chose. And sometimes, you will find celebrities getting into trouble Read more about Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?[…]

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How Can I Manage a Social Media Crisis?

Managing escalating crisis on social media is no longer a question of “if” but of “when” or even ”how often”. To help you be prepared and tackle such issues, this article explains the 5 most common social media crisis types, 6 tips to get your prepared and an 8-step checklist to handle any active issues Read more about How Can I Manage a Social Media Crisis?[…]

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Social Media vs. Community Manager

The last 15 years have seen an amazing trend building where Social Media Marketing has become the de-facto marketing tool of our generation. Now we have a new kid on the block, called Community Manager. But wait, is it really new, and how does it impact my hiring strategy?   From the 90s to today Read more about Social Media vs. Community Manager[…]