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Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?

In a previous blog I shared a little about the basics of influencer marketing. If you do a quick google search for influencer marketing, you will find lots of examples. Some, where a brand got into a lot of trouble because of the influencer they chose. And sometimes, you will find celebrities getting into trouble Read more about Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?[…]


Does Personalization Create More Sales?

Content personalization has been the band-wagon you could not miss jumping onto in the last 10 years. You will find very few naysayers, but you just found one. I HATE personalization. You can shake your head all you want, you can say all the stereo typical, “but people want to know you are speaking to Read more about Does Personalization Create More Sales?[…]

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LavaCon 2017: Content Quality Assurance

If you manage a community, you probably realize that you can’t do everything on your own. If you end up in a content potluck situation, which I highly recommend, you end up with multiple contributors to your community. But how do you manage content quality assurance processes? They should share the following characteristics (see more Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Quality Assurance[…]

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LavaCon 2017: Content Maintenance

In a previous blog, I spoke a little about continuity and content updates. I want to spend a bit more time on the topic of content maintenance. Maintaining your content is SUPER important if you manage a public community. Who/ When/ What/ Why These are the typical questions we get asked when it comes to Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Maintenance[…]

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LavaCon 2017: 3rd Party Content Contributors

Another fantastic question that came up in the conference in Portland, was how to vet, manage and showcase 2nd and 3rd party content. Now you might wonder, should I even let them publish in my community? Truly, that is only something you can answer. What works for my community, might not work for yours. I Read more about LavaCon 2017: 3rd Party Content Contributors[…]

LavaCon 2017: Content Security Clearance

Disclaimer: This blog post is hyper focused on tech communities and may not be relevant to communities in other industries. Continuing the learnings from LavaCon, I wanted to write about another interesting question that came up during the workshop in Portland last year. Protecting trade secrets and your product’s “secret sauce” in ingredient level content? Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Security Clearance[…]

LavaCon 2017: Content Turf Wars

  In November 2017 I attended LavaCon in Portland. If you are not familiar with LavaCon, check them out here. It is one of the best content marketing conferences in North America, with active and participating attendees. A highlight in the circus of conference speaking. In 2017 I gave a presentation about “Knowledge Freedom: Break Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Turf Wars[…]

Breaking Through Content Silos: Your Questions Answered

In a recent webinar Laurel and I shared our proven tips and tricks for breaking through work and content silos. If you missed the webinar, fret not, here is a free on-demand recording. During this presentation we covered a lot of topics from conceptualizing a unified content strategy to finding the right teams and champions Read more about Breaking Through Content Silos: Your Questions Answered[…]

Holistic digital ecosystem part 2

Content Strategy for a Holistic Digital Ecosystem – Part II

  In my last article, I shared reflections on the content strategy we applied towards building a holistic digital ecosystem. About a year in, armed with lots of challenges and experiments, I set out to create a kind of check list. We can use for future projects when planning platforms, or content for a digital Read more about Content Strategy for a Holistic Digital Ecosystem – Part II[…]