How does data impact your marketing plan?

About Data: A 2018 DOMO study has shown that we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. The same study estimates that by 2020 every person on the planet will produce 1.7 Megabytes of data per second. If you can’t quite wrap your head around these numbers, that’s ok. Neither can I. But here Read more about How does data impact your marketing plan?[…]

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Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?

In a previous blog I shared a little about the basics of influencer marketing. If you do a quick google search for influencer marketing, you will find lots of examples. Some, where a brand got into a lot of trouble because of the influencer they chose. And sometimes, you will find celebrities getting into trouble Read more about Can Influencer Marketing Be Done Right?[…]


Does Personalization Create More Sales?

Content personalization has been the band-wagon you could not miss jumping onto in the last 10 years. You will find very few naysayers, but you just found one. I HATE personalization. You can shake your head all you want, you can say all the stereo typical, “but people want to know you are speaking to Read more about Does Personalization Create More Sales?[…]

5 Benefits of a Support Community

I chose to write about the benefits of a support community (for your business) because I recently shared some thoughts about Support Community ROI calculations. After completing that ROI 101 blog, I felt that I needed to spend more time on the topic of support communities in general. Specifically, on their impact on your company’s Read more about 5 Benefits of a Support Community[…]

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How To Calculate ROI For Support Communities

Yay, you made it over the hurdle to convince your executive sponsor(s) to start a community for your product. Congrats! It might even be super successful and your analytics are on point, but the big dreaded question is coming your way. “Show me the proof that the community is contributing to the company’s bottom line.” Read more about How To Calculate ROI For Support Communities[…]

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How Can I Manage a Social Media Crisis?

Managing escalating crisis on social media is no longer a question of “if” but of “when” or even ”how often”. To help you be prepared and tackle such issues, this article explains the 5 most common social media crisis types, 6 tips to get your prepared and an 8-step checklist to handle any active issues Read more about How Can I Manage a Social Media Crisis?[…]

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LavaCon 2017: Content Quality Assurance

If you manage a community, you probably realize that you can’t do everything on your own. If you end up in a content potluck situation, which I highly recommend, you end up with multiple contributors to your community. But how do you manage content quality assurance processes? They should share the following characteristics (see more Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Quality Assurance[…]

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LavaCon 2017: Content Maintenance

In a previous blog, I spoke a little about continuity and content updates. I want to spend a bit more time on the topic of content maintenance. Maintaining your content is SUPER important if you manage a public community. Who/ When/ What/ Why These are the typical questions we get asked when it comes to Read more about LavaCon 2017: Content Maintenance[…]

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LavaCon 2017: 3rd Party Content Contributors

Another fantastic question that came up in the conference in Portland, was how to vet, manage and showcase 2nd and 3rd party content. Now you might wonder, should I even let them publish in my community? Truly, that is only something you can answer. What works for my community, might not work for yours. I Read more about LavaCon 2017: 3rd Party Content Contributors[…]