About Me

In this topsy turvy world, I often feel like Pippi Langstrumpf (aka Longstocking). Seeing and managing this world sometimes needs some acrobatic skills. As a child I always identified with Pippi. It is not just because of my red hair and European ancestry but for her rebellious nature and incessant creativity and agility to fight conventional thinking.

Marketing Background

With nearly 10 years of global experience in marketing I have taken the approach to dip my toes in many marketing disciplines. I did not specialize in one type of marketing role exclusively. Instead I gathered knowledge and skills in many diverse ways to market a product or service. The reason and benefit of doing so, is that I bring a well rounded understanding how different marketing and sales activities tie together. Such an approach provides a more refined experience to customers. Your sales teams will go to market with a consistent marketing message across multiple channels and activities. Most recently this trend has been categorized as an integrated marketing approach.

Community Background

Since 2013, I shifted my focus to community management and social media. I particularly enjoyed launching a Social Customer Care program in the tech industry in North America. My single focus is to bring as many voices together to the community table as possible. Thus providing a varied and colorful content experience (content potluck) for our users. I have implemented and refined communities and social media strategies in the last 5 years for Fortune 100 companies (ie: EMC) and startups (ie: Okta) with equal success.

For a more detailed work history and references, please visit my LinkedIn page.