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As a community manager, I have a proven unique strategy for driving inclusiveness between organizations and customers which sets me apart in my field. My approach has repeatedly proven itself in real world implementations with impressive results in social media adoption and community engagement levels.

This website is designed to be a knowledge hub for community managers, content strategists, user researchers - anyone with a passion for customer self-service enablement.

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Social & Community Manager
Niki is an international digital marketing expert with a wealth social media and community management experience. Her unique strategy for driving inclusiveness within the business and building interactions with customers sets her apart in her field.

Christie Gifrin

Competitive Intelligence

Kirsten Gantenbein

Principal Technical Writer & Content Strategist
Kirsten is a microbiologist turned technical writer/editor who loves content strategy and UX research. She has experience in usability testing and technical marketing, and has worked for a variety of technology companies.


Knowledge Architect
Whiz Kid
In Loving Memory: Laurel was a 20-year veteran in Tech Writing & an avid advocate for cross functional collaboration & data-driven content strategy to transform content delivery from pdf graveyards to bustling community knowledge hubs.

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